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the song is called hinterlands from nightmare before christmas, this is halloween, Oogies revenge com/watch?v=RJwotOPRlNA

Posted by res8zenith on Dec 29, 09 6:36 pm

Mine was good. And Gah! Now it's almost time for Christmas. How time flies..! I did the same sleep watch tv. Everything I usually do, just with family. xD At least the food was good...x). Uhm...just wondering...what's the song on your page? It's really prettyyyy. :-)

Posted by bulletproofdesigns on Dec 21, 09 1:23 pm

haha, no no its cool, don't worry, i've been missing you guys so much but just man, haven't had time to visit all of you! xD u know. my thanksgiven was awesome, i did nothing but eat, sleep, and watch tv! what about u?

Posted by res8zenith on Nov 29, 09 12:19 am

I've just had a LOT going on...I'm finally glad it's over...! So, how was your Thanksgiving!? Sorry I wasn't on here to wish you one!!!

Posted by bulletproofdesigns on Nov 27, 09 3:32 pm

i'm doing good, were have u been

Posted by res8zenith on Nov 25, 09 1:31 pm

Heyyy, long time no talk! How are you?

Posted by bulletproofdesigns on Sep 11, 09 11:54 pm

wow, what on earth are you smoking?

Posted by res8zenith on Jul 13, 09 8:11 pm

Not sure... When I got a CB, that was my only one. I guess I was lazy and forgot to change it. I'll do that. Ohh, and before today, I didn't know you had your own website :)
Haha, I guess we are both being lazy...xD

Posted by bulletproofdesigns on Jul 13, 09 8:03 pm

yeah i know..lazy how come you have that piczo site up but not the akatsuki one

Posted by res8zenith on Jul 13, 09 7:50 pm

I haven't been on CB that long, so that's probably why you couldn't find me.
This is random---but Lovely layout *.*

Posted by bulletproofdesigns on Jul 13, 09 7:25 pm

i didn't know you had an account on here or else i would of added you long ago, we barely talk on our sites

Posted by res8zenith on Jul 13, 09 5:59 pm

What do you mean, "Holy Cow, You're on here!?" ?? I feel horrible for not knowing why...

Posted by bulletproofdesigns on Jul 13, 09 1:26 pm

holy cow, you're on here?!?!

Posted by res8zenith on Jul 13, 09 12:50 pm
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