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hello I just thought I come by to see how you were and to say hello hope things are good with you take care and have a good one from one of your friends :)

Posted by aquamarinestar on Mar 29, 10 1:51 am · History

Thank you for the layout comment :)

Posted by sweetalacrity on Jan 5, 10 10:49 pm · History

Happy New Years!!!

Posted by Snaily on Jan 1, 10 12:12 am · History

Mine was good. And Gah! Now it's almost time for Christmas. How time flies..! I did the same sleep watch tv. Everything I usually do, just with family. xD At least the food was good...x). Uhm...just wondering...what's the song on your page? It's really prettyyyy. :-)

Posted by bulletproofdesigns on Dec 21, 09 1:23 pm · History

You're Welcome :)
..and mine was good..more like relaxing xD..thanks for asking!
I hope you had a good Thanksgiving!

Posted by Snaily on Nov 29, 09 12:36 am · History

I've just had a LOT going on...I'm finally glad it's over...! So, how was your Thanksgiving!? Sorry I wasn't on here to wish you one!!!

Posted by bulletproofdesigns on Nov 27, 09 3:32 pm · History

Happy Thanksgiving! :D

Posted by Snaily on Nov 26, 09 1:34 am · History

Hello. :) I'm a fan of your header.

Posted by swan on Oct 3, 09 11:10 pm · History

Heyyy, long time no talk! How are you?

Posted by bulletproofdesigns on Sep 11, 09 11:54 pm · History

hey. u added me, so i thought we should chat.

Posted by Rarrr on Sep 7, 09 6:17 pm · History

Ya, Tim Burton is amazing.

Posted by SuperAli101 on Aug 21, 09 9:25 pm · History

thanks for the add =)

Posted by esmeraldaty on Aug 21, 09 4:43 pm · History

So basically your a Tim Burton fan?

Posted by SuperAli101 on Aug 21, 09 10:42 am · History


there's muuusic nao ;)

Posted by x3Simplicity on Aug 17, 09 11:25 pm · History

Oh, yah well I like a lot of 'em. ^.^
What kind of stuff do you like then?

Posted by SuperAli101 on Aug 17, 09 9:11 am · History

Thankyou. (:

Posted by hospitalhorror on Aug 16, 09 7:47 pm · History

Hah, ya I'm new and a total Harry Potter nerd. And yes my name is Ali Bishop.

Posted by SuperAli101 on Aug 15, 09 4:46 pm · History

The Freedom of Knowledge, The Power of Thought. The truth will rise. Stand for something or you'll fall for anything.

Fighting the New World Order!

Posted by djsuono on Aug 14, 09 9:14 pm · History

yeah! lol i like changing my style every once in a while! lol

Posted by stabpinmonkey on Aug 13, 09 10:53 pm · History

thx for the add! ^_^

Posted by stabpinmonkey on Aug 13, 09 12:39 am · History

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